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There's really no risk! Especially right now, since we've
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step 1


Complete the NEW STORE SIGNUP FORM. You'll be able to choose all of the options for your store. Don't worry, you can always contact us to make changes to these options once your store is live. 



You can choose that all purchases are billed to the individual purchaser, billed to the agency, or billed to the agency up to a certain dollar amount per year and then billed to the individual. 


Shipping can be set to have all orders shipped to the agency address or orders can be shipped to the address entered by the individual. Regardless of the option you pick, everyone will get free shipping if their order is over $50.00. Orders can be shipped from our Westlake OH warehouse via USPS or UPS. 


You can choose to control what color options are available for purchase. Some units and teams opt to have the site locked down to only offer authorized color options. The standard colors available are Black, Navy, Olive Drab and Tan (which is a darker tan, not a desert tan). 


The garments and items that have the option of custom text can be controlled for your store. You can choose to not allow any custom text, require a last name as custom text, require last name and badge number, or require last name and title.


You'll need to upload your art file that you want printed on the items in your store. You'll want to upload a vector version of the art. These include .eps, .ai, .pdf files. If you have a one color version, that's the preferred version. If all you have is a color version, we'll turn it into a one color file for you. If your file needs some significant adjustments/modifications to work, we may have to charge you a setup fee. We'll contact you with an estimate prior to starting any work on the art file. Most files need little to no adjustment to work for your store, which means no setup fees. Any changes or modifications to your art that we do for your store, we'll make sure you get a copy of the file so that you have it for future use. 


We don't like the idea of selling shirts that say "POLICE" or "SWAT" or "FIRE/EMS" to just anyone. So, we may verify your agency affiliation, just to make sure. The easiest way to help speed up this process, is to use your agency email address when you sign up. 


We'll review the options you selected and make sure we don't have any questions and that everything makes sense. We might reach out tto clarify some things, or to make some suggestions. This way, you're getting exactly what you want and we're making sure that it's going tto exceed your expectations.  


One of our graphic designers will review the uploaded logo(s) and make sure they are good to go. We prefer vector artwork (.ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf) but a lot of times we can work with what you have. If what you send over is not usable, we'll contact you about getting a different file or recreating the art. Don't worry, we won't do anything that is going to incur a fee without first talking to you. The vast majority of our accounts, we figure out a way to make your logo work without costing you anything. If we do make modifications to your art, we'll make sure you get a copy of the files so that you can use them in the future. 

Avoid images from your website - most images that are on websites are too low of a resolution to get quality prints from. We need print-ready files. 

step 2


Once your sign up form is submitted, we'll review the information, options you selected, uploaded art/logo(s) and verify your agency affiliation.

step 3

building your store

Setting up your custom store should be completed within 8-12 business days after account review is completed. Products listed in your store will feature mock-ups with your actual art shown to give you a solid idea of what it'll look like. 


Prior to starting your site buildout, we'll send over a proof of your logo(s) and art. You'll also recieve a mockup of a t-shirt showing how your logo will appear on a garment. Take a look, make sure there's no changes, and give us an approval. Once approved, we start building. 


To access your store, all users will need a login. You won't be able to purchase anything or even see the products without being logged in. We'll need a list from you (we provide an Excel template) with all of the users that need access to the store. 


When the store is completed, we'll setup your account and have you walk through the store to make sure that there doesn't need to be any changes. Don't worry, if you find something down the road, we can always change it after the store is live. Once approved, we'll setup all of the user accounts and you'll be good to go. 


When the store is ready, we'll create user accounts for everyone you sent over to us. The accounts will be setup with a common password for all users. This can be changed by the individual. You may want to use a personal email address, as many agency mail servers block emails from our store. 


You'll get a link that goes directly to your store. No messing around, no navigating through a site to get to your items. It's locked down, secure and only has your items. 


Follow the link, use your login information that we supply you with, and you're shopping. If you or any of your users are having trouble gaining access, there's a form under the HELP section to get some help. You can request to add additional users at any time, with no limit on how many users you can allow access to your store. 


tBrowse your custom items and order away. The first few orders from a new store may take a few additional days to ship out. We want to make sure that everything is up to ours and your standards. If you need an item by a specific date (for whatever reason), hit us up and we'll see if we can accomodate your request. 

step 4

login and start shopping

Stores built, login accounts are created ... you're ready to login and start shopping. 

what are you waiting for?

There's really no risk! Especially right now, since we've
waived ALL startup and setup fees.


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