About Us

Eleven 10® Custom Unit Apparel is a division of Eleven 10 LLC, based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our founder is an active Medic with a metro SWAT team and grew tired of the difficulties of getting quality apparel and swag for the team. Originally, the team would order shirts and hoodies once a year as a gang order, then the lucky guy who placed the order would have lot of fun trying to collect money from everyone. If you were a new guy, you just had to wait until the next gang order! Then the team switched to a local company that would do short runs. But, they didn't understand the public safety market, so colors were off, they'd change shirts on practically every order. The team ended up looking like a mismatched bunch of unprofessionals.  

So, Eleven 10 Custom Unit Apparel was born. Capitalizing on the already in place resources at Eleven 10, we figured out how to best serve public safety units and teams with their apparel and swag needs. Custom apparel and swag purchased through a protected webstore where each team member orders what they need, pays for it, and has it shipped to their address. Plus, the store can limit the options to ensure that the team apparel all matches. 

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